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Remittance Processing (Lockbox)
  Remittance Processing (Lockbox) Service

MyOnlineBill's Remittance Processing (lockbox) service is designed to expedite the collection of paper-based (check) payments and provide timely electronic payment information to update your billing system's accounts receivable.

This service will increase payment and posting accuracy, improve cash flow by reducing processing time between delivery of mail and depositing of payments, and increase your staff productivity by freeing personnel from the labor-intensive process of manually handling mail, making daily deposits, and posting manual payments. Click Here to get more details.


Faster Processing (we process 95% of payments within one day from the day received)
Cost Savings (eliminate the cost of processing paper checks in-house)
Payment Receipt (payments are mailed to your private Post Office box)
Accuracy (electronic processing assures almost 100% accuracy)
Electronic Transmission (payment files that are uploaded to your system daily)


Mail Pickup
Envelope Extraction and Distribution
Remittance Coupon Scanning and Image Retention
Check Scanning and Image Retention
Exception Processing
Correspondence Forwarding

Data Flow

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